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Damina is a First persian Network Communication and Information of Animal Husbandry

And first android app specialized of Animal Husbandry with many feature

 till now with about 8000 professional member in Iran

  Ready to cooperate with reputable companies Livestock industry

    for representation and marketing in Iran


Scientific papers livestock
Daily News livestock industry
  Buy & sell livestock
  Shopping estate sales livestock
Purchase and sale of raw milk

Buy & Sell Equipment​
Buy & sell manure
Employment & Recruitment
Virtual Festivals Top Cow
The introduction of animal diseases
The introduction of veterinary medicine

Technical and medical services

Dictionary of Animal Husbandry

Agricultural seed market
(Damina store (selling livestock feed and add-ons and accessories
(Virtual Exhibition Damina (introduced livestock companies

The introduction of foreign companies active in the field of animal husbandry as a reseller or service in Iran

 The producers of animal feed
 The manufacturers of veterinary drugs
 manufacturers of animal feed additives
( breeders of livestock (cattle - sheep - goats

Manufacturers sperm

  Import And Export of Livestock 

In research and development
Animal articles
Animal economic plan
Invite participants to Iran agreed to cooperate 
in various sectors of the livestock industry
Business delegation to 
specialized exhibitions livestock

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 Send request : alvandtc@yahoo.com

Damina Group in TELEGRAM

PHONE NO : +989158571352


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